We're so flattered that @rosiemaxhimer shared details about being a FlyBaby partner!

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  1. List your extra baby gear on FlyBaby for free
  2. Watch for orders from other moms who need to borrow your gear
  3. Deliver gear in your town and get paid instantly

What does FLYBABY do?

Our FAVE hobby is marketing, to bring you more orders. In our spare time, we also pay credit card fees (so you don't have to), and insure you up to $500/item in case your stuff gets damaged. And we recently became obsessed with Charcoal Lattes...


limited spots in each city - join now

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Renting out gear on FlyBaby is SO EASY! It only takes a few minutes to launch your biz.

  • No upfront costs, $0 listing fees
  • Decide what days you do (and don't) want to deliver gear
  • Set your own prices, change anytime
  • We handle credit card processing (and the fees!) on your behalf
  • FREE insurance: up to $500 for every item you list for rent

Watch Jeannie list her extra baby gear on FlyBaby in literally 30 seconds.

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Cassie heard about FlyBaby from her fave mom blogger, and signed up the same day! We love our MOMmunity 😍

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Smart move, we like your style.

We have an info pack ready for you with tons of insider info, and it's obligation free.

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Ambassador PROGRAM

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What is an ambassador?

An ambassador is someone who LOVES FlyBaby, and wants to tell the world about it. Oh, did I mention you get paid for that?

Do I have to be a customer or partner?

Nope! Anyone can be an ambassador, even if you're still saving up for vacay or don't have any gear to rent out.  All you need is love and a little hustle.

    How does it work?

    1. FlyBaby gives you a custom discount code to share
    2. Travelers save 10% on orders when they use your code
    3. YOU EARN 6% CASH on any order booked with your code